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VELove Animals: Go Vegan and Cruelty Free Products

Catherine Leung

VELove Animals: Go Vegan and Cruelty Free Products
本地品牌VElove 純素時裝配件,推廣零殘忍時尚

We love beautiful, but we believe the beautiful of fashion do not need to hurt animals. VElove source high quality leather alternative from worldwide, including MuSkin, Portugal cork, fabric from recycled plastic bottles and water-based PU etc. to design Vegan handbags and accessories which inspired from those adorable animals, they are Love my sweet Home by Cat and Dog, Enjoy my freedom by Moon Bear, Love me no hurt by Rabbit etc.

VElove are PETA-Approved Vegan, no animal products and by-products be used on our products.To spread the message of love, for every purchase, portion of sales will be donated to animal organisations.

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VElove 的誕生,源於愛美;但我地唔希望美麗的時裝產品係以殘酷對待動物黎換取。所以,我地係世界各地搜攞唔同種類的皮革代替品,包括係地球另一端既MuSkin蘑菇皮,葡萄牙軟木皮,水性PU皮及回收膠樽布料等,將世界各地有心人研發減輕對環境及動物傷害的物料引進香港,再設計成一系列以愛動物為題的時裝配件。

VElove 售賣的所有產品都不使用任何動物成份物料,並獲 PETA Approved-Vegan* . 動物系列包括愛家的小狗及小貓、愛自由的黑熊、被愛的小兔及溫飽的北極熊,產品有手袋、銀包、卡片套及飾物,去我地網店睇下啦 >

*VElove 獲得善待動物組織PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 正式認可的「PETA-Approved Vegan」,所有產品物料均沒有採用任何動物成份。


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